Monday, March 16, 2009

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Vermont has many quaint euphemisms and terms that aren't used elsewhere in the country or that have totally different meanings. One of those is "camp".

To many of you, I'm willing to bet that when you hear camp used as a noun, you think summer camp with camp counselors and bunk houses, etc. Well in Vermont, camp is the equivalent of a lake house or a cabin.

My grandparents, my great grandmother and great uncle all had camps on Seymour Lake in Morgan Center Vermont. It's where I spent my summers as a kid and it's where my little love affair with Vermont started.

I'm incredibly lucky in that my grandparents camp is still in the family and that my parents and uncles allow my wife and I to make use of it just about whenever we have the desire. It's about an hour and a half drive from our house and provides a nice little get away when we need it.

Friday night, we decided to take advantage of it and get away. I was able to spend some time focusing on homework for a grad class I'm taking, and Maria was able to get work done on a baby blanket she's knitting for a friend of ours.

Here are a couple photos from the weekend. It was quite warm and there were a lot of ice fisherman taking their shanty's on the ice. I think that the season ends next weekend and they've got to have them off by this coming Sunday. By the end of the weekend, there was just one lonely shanty on the entire lake.

Hope they get it off soon!