Thursday, November 13, 2008

Conor and Maria and I have been working hard to create a replacement for the old, and busted, message board.

The technology just got too old and there were too many bugs with it. Plus we were limited by what we could do. It was really just posting text and discussion threads.

The new Parent Network has a bunch of neat functions. We still have a function similar to the message board in the "forum". We can now post images, link to the blogs, post news clips, and create real connections between prospective parents, parents of current students, and admission reps. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get some of our Saint Michael's College Bloggers on there as well.

I think it's going to be a great tool to help parents get through the confusing admission process and provide insight into the Saint Michael's College experience through the eyes of a parent of a current student.

Here's the link:

Check it out. Log on and have fun with it!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Burlington was featured in the NY Times Travel section. Check out the story here.

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I'm still cleaning up from my travels over the last couple of months, and I found this photograph from the first week of travel.

I stopped at Cafe Beignet in Scranton, PA for breakfast and it's an absolute must if you find yourself in the home of "the Office."

Cafe Beignet

The beignet were awesome and the coffee was great as well. I was most impressed with their commitment to MSSC, the Milk Saving Starving Children Foundation. All of their profits go to MSSC which provides milk to starving children around the world. Great food and great coffee and supporting a good cause.